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Commercial Survey Services


Many lending institutions and title companies require ALTA surveys for new construction or refinancing of existing properties and structures. An ALTA Survey can be prepared before, during or after construction. The ALTA survey provides a variety of specifications that you as our client can ask to have located and mapped. For more information on options that may be included in an ALTA survey, please view Table A.


Coulee Region Land Surveyors can prepare subdivision plats for residential, commercial, industrial or retail clients. The platting process can be complicated due to regulations and ordinances which oversee the plat and the land uses. We can help guide you through the permit process to the Final Plat recording steps.

Condominium Plats

A condominium plat is another instrument used to create parcels of land or to create private ownership of improvements within a particular piece of property. The type of condominium can vary depending on many factors such as: location, zoning ordinances, land use specifications, or the type of structures being built or uses for an existing building.

Erosion Control Plans

We can prepare plans and calculations for erosion control and stormwater run-off at new and existing building and construction sites, roadway/driveway construction sites, for pond rehabilitation projects, utility construction, parking lots and MVC hiking trails. Sky's the limit...

Topographic Surveys

Determining the exact elevation to construct your building or commercial improvement can be obtained by performing a topographic survey. After gathering data we will prepare a contour map that can be used for your site design. We often use GPS equipment to collect the data needed to generate the site plan.

Hydrologic surveys have been prepared to obtain volume calculations to determine quantities removed from under water.

As-Built Surveys

As-Builts are prepared to show exact locations and elevations of improvements that have been constructed. Many times site plans do not indicate setbacks to property lines and right-of-ways and consequently structures or improvements are built to close to property lines.

Construction Site Surveys

Many businesses require a professional land surveyor to lay-out a site plan of the construction site. With the use of computer-aided design or CADD software a land surveyor can overlay prospective building designs within the building envelope.

GPS Surveys

GPS or global positioning systems utilize satellites to obtain centimeter-accuracy on the ground for mapping. Many advances in technology have aided in reducing the amount of time it takes to obtain survey data. GPS is a tool that surveyors use to gather large amounts of data, gather data that is far apart, or to gather information that is "real-time" or available immediately. This is an advanced system available for land surveying oftentimes preferred by clients.

Cemetery Plats

Cemetery plats are prepared for a wide range of clients. We have prepared Cemetery plats for many different religious denominations, various townships and municipalities. Of interest and to see what a cemetary plat looks like, you can view the first recorded Green or Natural Burial Cemetery Plat in the State of Wisconsin for the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

Archaeological Surveys and Confidential Surveys

Professional land surveyors may also survey and map burial grounds that are discovered when land disturbances have occurred or result from an archaeological dig. Confidential surveys are prepared for Attorneys, lending institutions, title companies or even private parties as needed.

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