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Residential Survey Services


Many lending institutions and title companies require ALTA surveys for new construction or refinancing of existing properties and structures. An ALTA Survey can be prepared before, during or after construction. The ALTA survey provides a variety of specifications that you as our client can ask to have located and mapped. For more information on options that may be included in an ALTA survey, please view Table A.

Condominium Plats

A condominium plat is another instrument used to create parcels of land or to create private ownership of improvements within a particular piece of property. The type of condominium can vary depending on many factors such as: location, zoning ordinances, land use specifications, or the type of structures being built or uses for an existing building.

Finding lot lines

A Plat of Survey for finding your lot lines will consist of Coulee Region Land Surveyors obtaining your property description, collecting the necessary field data, and computer computations to verify the field data. The surveyor will then set monuments and place a wooden lath near the corner. A map is then prepared for you.

Building and Lot determination for Construction Surveys

When you are building or preparing for construction we will provide assistance to your contractor or you, as the homeowner, to determine locations for you to place a new building or structure on the property or land where you intend to build. When preparing your Residential Construction Survey we take into account the existing lot lines and any applicable building setbacks that might affect where you can ultimately place your new building.

Site Planning and Design

Coulee Region Land Surveyors can provide you assistance in the planning and development of your site. Our help to you ranges from determining property lines, helping you understand existing topographic data, building setback lines and laying out proposed site designs.

Easements and Right-of-Ways

Easements or Right-of-ways are legal encumbrances on a property. Coulee Region Land Surveyors can determine for you whether or not your property is affected by a recorded easement or right-of-way. We review your property Title Policy and perform a survey of your land or property to see if the easements or right-of-ways directly affect your property. As professional Land Surveyors, we can also prepare new easements and right-of-ways such as those that allow you to gain access to a parcel of land you are considering. Sometimes these may be a utility easement or road right-of-way that relates to the parcel of land or property.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is a vital part of retaining our beautiful natural resources. Coulee Region Land Surveyors can provide you with an on site inspection of your property and develop an erosion control plan to preserve the site. The erosion control plan can consist of designs to retain water or designing waterways to manage any water runoff.

Fence Line Determination (ordinance compliance)

Many municipalities have a fence ordinance. Some ordinances will allow the home owner to construct a fence on the property line while others have setbacks for erecting a fence. We can show you where you can place your fence, by preparing a Plat of Survey on your property and speaking with the appropriate government official.

Elevation Certificates for floodplain determination

Elevation Certificates are a useful document to you as a homeowner and for your insurance agent or company that holds your flood insurance policy. In some cases your premium may be lowered based on whether or not your property and home is considered "in a floodplain." Being within a floodplain is determined by the elevations of your home and the adjacent grades or slopes of the land by the house or building structure. In other cases, your home or building structure may be removed from the floodplain by using a Letter of Map Amendment or Revision (LOMA or LOMR-F). Coulee Region Land Surveyors will help you determine which avenue you should pursue.

GPS Surveys

GPS or Global Positioning System is a vital "tool" in our land surveying tool box. With the aid of GPS we are able to collect data in a fraction of the time as compared to traditional methods. We can provide a fast turn around on most projects where we utilize this technology in our land survey services.

We also provide Commercial Survey Services. When you are ready to obtain residential survey services, simply request a survey with us online.

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